Handball National Teams Rankings: The Latest Standings

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Handball isn’t just a sport; it’s a showcase of human ability and the power of teamwork. 

The Handball National Teams Rankings are a way to gauge the prowess, talent, and performance of handball teams from around the globe. These rankings, dictated by the International Handball Federation (IHF), offer insights into the relative success of national handball teams and serve as a guide for fans, pundits, and players alike. This article delves into these rankings, how they are determined, and their impact on international handball competitions.

Understanding Handball National Teams Rankings

Handball national team’s rankings are a dynamic list of countries ranked according to their national handball team’s performance. They’re primarily based on the team’s performance in international competitions such as the World Championships, the Olympic Games, and regional championships.

These rankings serve several purposes:

  1. Provide a measure of comparison: The rankings allow fans and pundits to compare teams based on their international successes.
  2. Influence seedings: The rankings often dictate the seedings in major international tournaments.
  3. Track Progress: Teams can track their progress and aspire to climb up the rankings.

How Are the Rankings Determined?

The IHF has a point system that awards points based on the team’s performance in different international tournaments. The more recent the competition, the more points are awarded. Winning a major competition, like the World Championships or the Olympics, can significantly boost a team’s ranking.

Impact on International Competitions

The rankings play a critical role in shaping international competitions. They are used to seed teams in tournaments, which affects the group stages’ dynamics and can potentially influence a team’s path to the finals.


The Handball National Teams Rankings provide an exciting insight into the state of international handball. They offer a comparative measure of national teams’ performances and influence the dynamics of international competitions. As a handball enthusiast, keeping a keen eye on these rankings can enrich your understanding and enjoyment of this thrilling sport.

What are Handball National Teams Rankings?

The Handball National Teams Rankings are a list of national handball teams ranked according to their performances in international competitions, as determined by the IHF.

How are the rankings determined?

The rankings are primarily based on the team’s performance in international competitions. The IHF awards points for different tournaments, with more recent competitions carrying more weight.

What is the significance of these rankings?

The rankings serve as a comparative measure of teams’ performance, influence the seedings in tournaments, and help track a team’s progress over time.

Do the rankings affect a team’s seeding in tournaments?

Yes, the Handball National Teams Rankings are often used to seed teams in major international tournaments.

Where can I find the most current Handball National Teams Rankings?

The most current rankings can be found on the IHF’s official website.

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