Master Advanced Handball Techniques: A Step-by-Step Guide

Written By Robert

Handball isn’t just a sport; it’s a showcase of human ability and the power of teamwork. 

Handball, a fast-paced and dynamic sport, requires a broad range of skills, from basic ball handling and passing to more advanced techniques. Mastering these advanced techniques can significantly enhance your playing ability and give your team a competitive edge. This article delves into some of the key advanced handball techniques, how to execute them effectively, and when to use them.

Spin Shot

One of the most captivating techniques in handball is the spin shot. This move involves spinning the ball with the hand to make it more challenging for the goalkeeper to predict the direction of the shot. The spin shot can be an effective tool in a player’s arsenal, particularly when shooting from a difficult angle or when under pressure from defenders.

To execute a spin shot, the player first needs to hold the ball in a firm grip. As the player shoots, they apply a quick wrist snap to spin the ball. The key to a successful spin shot lies in the timing of the wrist snap and the accuracy of the shot.

Jump Shot

The jump shot is a powerful technique that enables players to shoot the ball over the defenders’ block and often at a higher speed. This technique requires precision, timing, and physical prowess.

To perform a jump shot, the player starts by running towards the goal. Then, they jump off one foot, using the other knee to generate upward momentum. While in the air, the player quickly throws the ball towards the goal, using their body’s rotation and arm’s momentum to generate power.

Dummy or Feint

Feinting is an advanced handball technique used to trick defenders and create space for a shot or pass. This technique involves making a move or pretending to make a move in one direction, then quickly changing to another.

The effectiveness of a feint largely depends on a player’s ability to sell the initial move. This involves not only moving the body convincingly but also using the eyes to mislead the defender. The player then quickly changes direction, taking advantage of the space created by the feint.

Kempa Trick

Named after Bernhard Kempa, the legendary German handball player who first used it, the Kempa trick is a spectacular but complex technique that requires excellent timing and cooperation between players.

The Kempa trick involves one player passing the ball into the air while another player jumps, catches the ball in the air, and shoots at the goal, all before landing. This move is highly effective when executed correctly, but it requires precise timing and a strong understanding between the players involved.


While offensive skills are often highlighted, mastering defensive techniques is equally crucial in handball. One advanced defensive technique is blocking, which requires a player to stop the opposition’s shot or disrupt their path effectively.

Blocking involves a player positioning themselves between the attacker and the goal, using their arms and body to block the shot or pass. Timing and positioning are key to effective blocking, as a poorly timed block can result in a penalty.

Quick Throw-Off

After a team scores a goal, the game is quickly restarted with a throw-off. Teams can use this as a strategic opportunity to catch their opponents off guard.

The quick throw-off requires swift action from the team who just conceded a goal. The goal is to get the ball to the half-line and restart play as quickly as possible, ideally catching the opposing team before they have fully set up their defence.


Mastering advanced handball techniques can significantly improve a player’s performance and contribute to their team’s success. However, like any skill, these techniques require practice and consistency to execute effectively. With a deeper understanding of these advanced handball techniques and the strategic opportunities

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