Rising Stars of Handball 2023: Who’s Making Waves?

Written By Robert

Handball isn’t just a sport; it’s a showcase of human ability and the power of teamwork. 

Handball, a sport characterized by speed, agility, and strategy, is experiencing an exciting influx of young talent. This crop of rising stars is not only dazzling fans with their impressive skill sets but also shaping the future of the sport. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the most promising rising stars in handball 2023, whose performances are turning heads and creating a buzz in the handball community.

Alexander Lassen

The Danish prodigy, Alexander Lassen, has been making waves in the handball world with his impressive performances. With a keen eye for the goal and an exceptional ability to read the game, Lassen has been a standout player for his club and has been instrumental in their recent successes. His raw talent and hardworking ethos have earned him a spot on the national team, where he is expected to play a key role in the coming years.

Emma Jakobsen

Norwegian handball has a bright future, and Emma Jakobsen is one of the reasons why. As a versatile backcourt player with an innate ability to create scoring opportunities for her team, Jakobsen has been earning praise for her performances at both the club and international levels. Her swift agility, combined with a strong tactical understanding of the game, has made her a player to watch in 2023.

Tobias Wagner

German handball player Tobias Wagner is quickly gaining recognition as a top goalkeeper. Known for his quick reflexes and fearless approach to the game, Wagner has been pivotal in securing victories for his team. He has shown an exceptional talent for predicting opponents’ shots, making him a formidable force in the goal. As he continues to refine his skills, he’s set to be one of the standout keepers in the coming years.

Laura Rodríguez

Laura Rodríguez, hailing from Spain, has proven herself to be one of the most exciting young talents in women’s handball. Blessed with speed, skill, and tenacity, Rodríguez has displayed a remarkable ability to control the game from the wing position. Her consistent performances at the club level have earned her a place in the national team, where she’s expected to be a key contributor in the near future.

Benjamin Eliasson

The Swedish right back, Benjamin Eliasson, has been making headlines with his outstanding performances. His blend of size, speed, and shot power, combined with his tactical acumen, make him a challenging player to defend against. Already earning a place in the national team, Eliasson is predicted to be a key figure in Swedish handball in the coming years.


The future of handball looks bright with the emergence of these rising stars. Each bringing their unique talents and promising potential, these young athletes are set to take the handball world by storm. As they continue to develop their skills and gain more experience on the international stage, it will be exciting to watch their journeys unfold. The 2023 season promises to be an exciting year for handball, and these rising stars will undoubtedly be at the centre of the action.

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