Score More: Mastering Handball Goal Scoring Techniques

Written By Robert

Handball isn’t just a sport; it’s a showcase of human ability and the power of teamwork. 

Handball, an exhilarating team sport, is all about precision, agility, and speed. Central to the game’s thrill is the art of goal-scoring. A well-executed shot not only racks up points for the team but also boosts morale and sways the game’s momentum. In this article, we will delve deep into various handball goal-scoring techniques that players use to outsmart the opponent and hit the back of the net.

1. Jump Shot

The jump shot is one of the most commonly used scoring techniques in handball. This method involves the player leaping in the air and releasing the ball at the apex of their jump. The advantage of a jump shot is that it enables players to shoot over the top of defenders and reduces the goalkeeper’s reaction time. Perfecting a jump shot requires practice to coordinate the jump, arm swing, and ball release effectively.

2. Hip Shot

A hip shot is a swift and subtle scoring technique. The player whips the ball from the hip level while their body is in motion, catching the goalkeeper and defenders off guard. The key to executing a successful hip shot lies in the speed and suddenness of the action, leaving minimal time for the opponents to react.

3. Spin Shot

The spin shot, also known as the ‘roulette’, is a sophisticated and deceptive scoring technique. The player spins the ball in such a way that it hits the post and spins into the goal instead of bouncing out. The spin shot can be difficult to master but is highly effective due to its unpredictability.

4. Wing Shot

The wing shot is performed from the extreme ends of the court. Given the narrow shooting angle, players often utilize a jump shot or a curve shot from this position. This technique requires excellent ball control and precise aiming, as the player must evade the goalkeeper and still keep the ball within the goalposts.

5. Dive Shot

In a dive shot, players leap horizontally into the goal area, releasing the ball before landing. This technique is often used when there’s heavy defence, and normal shots are likely to be blocked. While this is an effective scoring method, it requires precision and timing to avoid penalties for landing in the goal area.

6. Penalty Shot

A penalty shot or a 7-meter throw is awarded for certain fouls. The player, positioned 7 meters from the goal, takes a direct shot with only the goalkeeper to beat. Various strategies can be used here, such as aiming for the corners or trying to outwit the goalkeeper with a deceptive shot.

7. Kempa Trick

Named after the legendary player and coach Bernhard Kempa, the Kempa Trick is one of the most spectacular goal-scoring techniques in handball. It involves one player lobbing the ball into the air towards the goal area, and a teammate jumping to catch the ball mid-air and shooting it before landing. Although challenging to execute, a successful Kempa Trick is a stunning display of coordination, timing, and skill.


Mastering handball goal-scoring techniques requires constant practice, a deep understanding of the game, and superior physical fitness. Each technique offers its own set of advantages and can be deployed strategically depending on the game situation. By learning and perfecting these techniques, players can enhance their scoring prowess, contribute significantly to their team, and add an extra layer of excitement to this fast-paced, thrilling sport. As a spectator, understanding these techniques can enrich your viewing experience, as you appreciate the skill and strategy underlying each goal scored.

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